During these uncertain times, while our kids are out of school, we are working diligently to ensure the kids we serve keep receiving much needed food.

Please click here for info on Blessings bag distribution and enrollment.

If you would like to donate shelf stable non perishable foods you can drop off at the address below:

2804 W Marc Knighton Ct, Lecanto Please call before dropping off so we can ensure that we are here to receive the donations. 

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A staggering 72% of children enrolled in Citrus County’s public schools
participate in the free and reduced price meal program.

It’s obvious childhood hunger is prevalent issue in Citrus County.  Citrus County Harvest operates a hunger relief program through 26 local schools, provides food during the summer months to impoverish children and participates in local food recovery efforts. As a 501 C (3) organization battling food insecurity since 1999,  Harvest is helping kids get enough food to develop healthy bodies and pay attention in school.



Many caretakers of local children cannot provide adequate nutrition from lunch on Friday to breakfast on Monday morning. Every Friday 1,650 local students go home with a backpack full of “Blessings” food to fill the gap over the weekend and school breaks.

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Feed the Kids

A time that many children often look forward to is a stressful experience for some in Citrus County. They dread the summer months when access to consistent a food source is a challenge for their impoverished families. Feed the Kids is a summer feeding program which operates a neighborhood farmer’s market style distribution of non-perishables and fresh produce to children in need.

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Food Recovery

Food recovery was the organization’s first effort to feed people in need. Food recovery involves collecting wholesome but unused or unsalable food for distribution to those in need.  Once a week volunteers pick up unused food from local restaurants for transport to a local soup kitchen to serve to people in need.

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