Scallop Festival 2018

The total of $4,175.90 will feed 23 students each weekend of the academic year in addition to providing meals during holiday breaks!

vegetables basket Harvest

Four schools offer summer meals

Between the efforts of Citrus County schools’ free meal service and Citrus County Harvest’s Blessings and Feed the Kids supplemental food programs, no child in Citrus County should go hungry this summer.

Student Surveys Show Gratitude, Need

The student surveys sometimes include tender and heart breaking stories of a daily struggle to survive. Other times, notes of gratitude...

Sponsor the Ball

Choose your sponsor package which includes tickets with access to an open bar that you can share with friends, employees, or customers.

Nature Coast Beer Fest

Citrus County Blessings will receive 50% of the event proceeds!

Summer Feeding Program

Summer feeding begins May 30th. Find out how you can help!

Easter Blessings

We ask families to remember while your family is hunting for eggs filled with candy there are many children who won’t be biting into the ears of a chocolate bunny this weekend.

Silent Auction at Wine Tasting

20 diners will have the pleasure of discovering nuances in how food and wine interact, and along the way, picking up a little history, a little education, and possibly a few new friends.

Beast Feast

Proceeds from the 2018 Beast Feast will go to Citrus County Blessings (take home weekend food for school children), Community Food Bank (feeding the hungry), and The Path (homeless shelter).

elks citizen hengesbach 2018

Elks Name Distinguished Citizen of the Year

Here write the important idea that you want to share when people only see a bit of your story. Use no more than two lines.