Back to School Blessings - Support a Student

As students return to school in Citrus County, 1 in 7 will face food insecurity at home.  Nearly 72% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch and breakfast, and for some, the weekends are a hungry time. Blessings provides weekend food bags with nonperishable individually packaged items to help fill the gap between Friday and Monday. For some children, this is the only food they will have to eat over the weekend. Just $175 supports a student for the whole school year with weekend food bags and extra bags for holiday breaks.

Why is Blessings needed? 

Families tell us the reasons why they need Blessings to help feed their school-age children.  In May 2019, the top struggles these families reported were:

#1 issue:  Low Wages
#2 issue:  High Cost of Housing
#3 issue:  Unemployment
#4 issue:  Change in Family Structure

Some are grandparents facing the challenge of raising grandchildren on a fixed budget. Some parents are working hard but at minimum wage and with 3 children to feed, the paycheck just does not go far enough. Others have experienced the death or departure of a breadwinner and now just try to keep a roof over their head. Sadly many children are homeless as their parents live in a tent, van or car, or stay with different relatives or friends on a monthly basis.

What is Blessings and how does it work?

Blessings was started 10  years ago to provide weekend meals to children who are receiving free or reduced price meals during the school week but face weekend food insecurity.

School teachers, guidance counselors or other school staff can recommend a student to be enrolled in Blessings.  An enrollment form or flyer for online enrollment goes home to the parent. Then food bags are sent home at the end of the week for each child in the home old enough to benefit from the packaged foods we provide.

Back to School – Support a Student

Blessings is kicking off our Back to School Support a Student campaign.   We hope to receive donations to support 400 students through this effort.

How many students can you help?

Donations may be made on our donations page or sent to us at:

Citrus County Blessings
P.O. Box 82
Lecanto, FL 34460

Citrus County Blessings is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity and does not receive federal, state or other large grants. We depend on local individuals, businesses, civic groups, churches and events for 100% of our budget.  And all of our funds stay here feeding children in Citrus County.

These days $175 a year or $5 a week does not go far, but with the partnership of Blessings and our 700 volunteers, it will go a long way to feed a Citrus County student on weekends all year. Thank your for  your support.

Please contact us if you would like to host a food drive or fundraiser this year.

These days $5 a week does not go far, but with the partnership of Blessings and our 700 volunteers, it will go a long way to feed a child on weekends all year.