The New Church Without Walls Donates Over 10,000 Meals to Blessings

The surplus food that came to Florida for Hurricane Irma relief has turned out to be a real blessing. Pastor Doug Alexander of the  New Church Without Walls arranged for 60 semis containing non-perishable, pre-made meals (surplus FEMA product) to come to our community.  Each box contains three meals consisting of twelve food items, an antibacterial wipe and cutlery set.

“To date we have received 15 pallets of the boxes. These 15 pallets  saved the Blessings program approximately $6,50

Blessings, meal box, food

0 and will provide over 10,899 meals to the students participating. We are grateful to live and work in a community  in which the leaders are willing to share resources for the betterment of Citrus County. Pastor Doug’s generosity will impact our students as well as our donors.” said Grace Hengesbach, Blessings’ Executive Director.

A request for volunteers to unload the pallets was sent out by Blessings Program Coordinator, Christina Struble.  “We definitely had to send out the “Bat signal” to our volunteers for help unloading the pallets, Struble said, as usual they stepped up to the plate, and made quick work of the over 3600 boxes we received. It’s great to see the response when we have something like this going on. Our volunteers always show up with a smile and ready to help. They are such an asset to our organization.” While the work of unloading 15 pallets by hand isn’t easy, the mood was cheerful. The volunteers smiled as the boxes were passed down the line. Dr. David Cromwell, one of the volunteers passing boxes, said “I am happy to be one of nearly 500 volunteers who give a few hours of their time each month to help over 1,500 students in Citrus County be able to fill their backpack of food each Friday.”

As the semis continue to arrive more boxes will become available to those in need, individuals as well as agencies. Hengesbach is hopeful to get her hands on more pallets to supplement the summer feeding program Blessings will operate for the second year in a row.

These meal boxes are available to the public until the supplies run out. To find the pick up days/times please visit The New Church Without Walls Facebook page by clicking HERE.

These 15 pallets saved the Blessings program approximately $6,500 and will provide over 10,899 meals to the students participating.