Food Recovery

Have you ever wondered what happens to the unused food in restaurants at closing time? The answer is the reason this organization was founded nearly 20 years ago!

We learned in many restaurants tens to hundreds of pounds of freshly prepared food are thrown in the dumpster each night. Since 1999 this program, originally known as Harvest, has worked to eliminate food waste in Citrus County.

We are proud to say the entire program simply requires a few compassionate volunteers, using exactly zero dollars.

How It Works

  1. A staff member speaks with the restaurant/business owners to set up a weekly pick up day and time.
  2.  Our staff contacts local food pantries/soup kitchens operating a feeding program within 24 hours of the pick up day/time.
  3. At closing time restaurant employees package the food into containers, weighing each container.
  4. A volunteer arrives at the designated time and verifies the pounds of food donated. Restaurant employees fill out a Donation Acknowledgement Form (DAF) turning it in to Food Donation Connection.
  5. The volunteer immediately transports the donated food to the assigned food pantry/soup kitchen.
  6. The food pantry/soup kitchen serves the donated food to those in need.
  7. Our staff verifies the pounds donated and signs the DAF via an online portal.

Participating Restaurants

Florida’s Good Samaritan Law, adopted by the Florida State Legislature in 1898, is designed with the intent of protecting all donors of food to the needy.