Local Wine Festival | April 6, 2019

UPDATE! 3/31/2019

Unfortunately, Wine Maker, Greg La Follette is unable to attend the event due to u foreseen circumstances.

However, guests will still enjoy meeting and speaking with representatives and distributors of many wineries. The Wine Shop will pour more than 50 wines at the event!

The Wine Shop III will once again host a Wine Festival including tastings in early April.

The tasting is open to the public on Saturday, April 6th with an invite-only intimate wine dinner featuring Winemaker, Greg LaFollette on Friday, April 5th. (Call the number below to request an invite for next year!) Tickets will only be sold to 20 diners who will have the pleasure of discovering nuances in how food and wine interact, and along the way, picking up a little history, a little education, and possibly a few new friends. Greg’s presence promises to elevate the dinner from a mere night on the town to a display of heartfelt enthusiasm as you sip your way through Sonoma County.

If you’ve never attended a wine tasting, there are five basic steps in tasting wine: color, swirl, smell, taste, and savor. These are also known as the “five S” steps: see, swirl, sniff, sip, savor. This information will be useful on Saturday, April 6th as the wine tasting will represent 50+ wines from 4:00 to 6:00PM. For $25 this event is offering a “take home glass” and representatives from wineries will be on site to offer their insight and a sip of the available vintages.  Each year the shop offers all proceeds of the event’s silent auction to the Blessings program. Ticket prices increase to $35 at the door.

This event is sponsored by: Cedar Creek Assisted Living, Specialty Gems and Fat Daddy’s BBQ

You may purchase tickets to either event by calling 352-794-3834. All checks should be payable to The Wine Shop III. Tickets to the dinner are sold out.

Each year the shop offers all proceeds of the event’s silent auction to the Blessings program.