Today: August 21, 2018

We live in Florida, on the coast.. on a peninsula.

It is hard to imagine water being a scarcity. Yet, today, on the seventh day of fourth grade there is a child in our community who will get off the bus to learn they can’t take a shower or even drink from the hose to quench their thirst. By Friday, the pantry will likely be empty. Today, this child lacks the very basic things necessary for survival.

I am able to tell this story because the guardian, a relative care giver, stopped by our office asking how to enroll in the Blessings program. Throughout our conversation I learned about the situation they found themselves in and the unanticipated hardships which resulted in the water being shut off with a pantry that would soon be barren. The reality is that no one expects to be raising a fourth grader, by yourself, in your late sixties. I learned today is a critical day for this impromptu family of two.

I witnessed the humility of the adult seeking help, an investment being made in the child’s life and a senior citizen trying to find a way to make it better before the bus comes. I witnessed distress.

I wish I could tell you this story has a happy ending but I don’t know how it will end. What I do know is that the guardian left our office with a case of water and a name and phone number for other organizations who may help. I also know that every Friday afternoon this fourth grader will have a bag of non-perishable food and water bottles to last the weekend.

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Today, this child lacks the very basic things necessary for survival.